Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Pieces Exhibition and 8x8

I've been so inactive lately! Hopefully after this catch up I can resume my normal posting pace.
It's been a really busy couple of months - we've had two book releases and an exhibition. The first was the Age Uk 'pieces'. A brief set during my second year in which we worked with the Age Uk charity and focused on dementure patients. The woman I worked with, Cheryl was very sweet and I based my page around the information I learnt from talking to her. There was also a mini exhibition at the event that showed each page individually and the sketchbooks and supporting work. 

I made a collage piece, which is very different from my usual working method. Overall I'm not entirely keen on the final piece, I went through many possible designs and still remain unhappy with it, but the project itself was worth while and I enjoyed it.

The second was the 8 x 8 book produced in collaboration with creative writers from MMU. Again a project from the end of my second year, my piece wasn't chosen to illustrate the writing I worked with but again it was an interesting project and an insight on illustrating someone else's work. 

I worked with watercolour and focused on the ending scene involving ice lollies. The main image [first] presents the juice like blood running while the hand clings to the stick. I feel the illustration for the spot image could be heavily improved but I'm fairly happy with the full page image. 

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