Monday, 30 April 2012

As it was + Eyes

As it was

Mock up of my vignette for the project - originally I was aiming to create a collage of random objects from the story - but I ended up practising some sketching in a similar form to that of omocat - whom I was using for inspiration and this came forth - I outlined the image in illustrator and added a scan of my watercolour experimentation behind it to give an idea of how it would look. I intend to paint on top the original line art on watercolour paper to give it the same effect as my A4 piece shown below. 

My full page piece will be this image - I decided that overall it is my strongest piece and it's simplicity could be it's best aspect. I showed the image to Jill Calder [ during our brief session and explained I might be tempted to overlay textures etc as I did attempt on my previous post but she leaned more towards leaving it as it was - which I have decided to do so after looking at the end result.

I also did some more watercolouring practise experimenting with alcohol and cling film to give the paint various expressions and effects and some lineart sketches focusing more on grey and black tones to illustrate the despair of those left behind in the story. 


Since I had my watercolours out I had a small attempt at recreating a similar piece to that shown in the video link I posted previously: 

I took an image from google and set about recreating it in a similar fashion. The paint didn't merge or blotch as well as I'd have liked as I'd ran out of watercolour paper by this stage - I could also make use of a white gel pen for the finer highlights and a thinner brush for the lashes. 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Photography | Cosplayers #1

London MCM October 2011

I love doing photography as a side hobby to my sewing and illustration - the various cosplay events that I attend across the year provides me with lots of unique and exciting costumes and environments to photograph - below is some from my London set back in October 2011.

Resident Evil 5 Set
Chris Redfield
Random Zombie [photoshopped]

 Beauty and the Beast Set

The Legend of Zelda | Twilight Princess + Others - Set

Princess Zelda
Twilight Princess Link
Adult + Young Link Ocarina of Time

MS Paint Adventures | Homestuck Set

Vriska God Tier
Kanaya Maryam


I find the photos fairly useful in terms of reference for poses and perspective, but majoritively I just enjoy photographing and editing the shots - it's become asort of a relaxing practise for me ;]