Monday, 31 October 2011

Totem Pole Design

Lack of internet at my flat has put me so behind on this!
But it's up and running at last so I'm going to be spamming this blog whenever I get the chance to catch back up on things.

Over the past month or so we were working on creating our own personal totem pole representing:

Alter Ego

At first it was really hard to get into the swing of it, but I eventually ended up with this design. 

I have a slight of obsession with owls 

I'm happy with the final design and colours, but I'm not overly fond of the 3D piece as it is slightly flimsy 
and the sides of the pole are plain and uninteresting. I think more could have been done to improve it.
I did manage to learn more about selective colour charts and I like the themes the book I used provided, so I'll probably continue to use it as a reference when colouring work.