Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Chinese Kites

For the current project revolving around BMW's charity work I have decided to base my work around Chinese Kites. During my intial research I learnt about the meanings behind different colours and animals within the Chinese folklore and settled on presenting the goldfish who signifies abundance of energy and wealth with the Magpie who spreads happiness and luck. Colour wise I have selected the good fortune of red and wealth of gold, beauty of yellow, purity of white and power of black. 
My work will portray the Magpie and Goldfish in the form of Chinese kites alongside Chinese lanterns and starry night skies with added fireworks for some design aspects. I did some initial sketches experimenting with various forms and shapes of kite for both goldfish and magpies. Currently I am finalising one design that portrays the goldfish similarly to the yin-yang symbol. 

I have decided both on my own preference and a majority vote that the above image works best. I have warped the tales slightly so bring them in closer and rounded the string more to make a neater circle. I like how the tails collide and flow together. 
The main aspects behind the design is to signify positive outlook, light and hope, fun and freedom.
I believe kites can represent this well both in their free flowing form, playful nature and contrast against the dark sky. I intend to make them appear to be glowing or 'lit' within similarly to the Chinese lanterns. 

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