Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Patch Portrait

A portrait of one of my friends - my first attempt at livestreaming an image to an audience!
The lag and disability to use certain key shortcuts [still unsaure why] made it much more challenging than usual. I'm hoping to do a small set - and continue the 'patch' theme throughout.
I'm also doing a set of Pikachu's based on the previous post in my freetime. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hipster Chu

This was just an idea/an image I really wanted to draw - I sketched it out along with a few other things onto my sketchpad a few days ago and kept meaning to actually draw it up for real - so here it is!

I'll get round to scanning the original sketch at some point - but it's sort of surrounded by loads of random sketches and squiggles and things I do while watching a movie - so yeah 

I decided to fade the final design and add a stitching like effect as a boarder to finish the piece 
I also experimented with shades and transparency along the way and created the image below as a sort of side patch.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Photography | Cosplayers #2

London MCM May 2012

A few shots from the shoots I did over the course of the expo in London during May - a full set can be found in the above link featured on my flickr. I have recently began to introduce new effects into my post processing such as a colour vignette to one side - this technique features in a couple of the shots below. It's still something I'm experimenting with. 


The seating was actually red in the original shots I changed the hue to better match the costume.



This costume took the most editing - such as skin touch ups with the body paint / removal of orange wrist band [an entrance requirement at the event which could not be removed till after the weekend was over] and to paint the underside of his cape feathers as the paint job had not reached that low in the original costume. 


I had to edit out hands for these two shots to achieve a more flexible appearance in the tail so it was no longer just a dead accessory dragging on the floor


I made a mistake with the above edit - which for me personally ruins the shot. Which is a real shame as otherwise I'd have really liked it XD;


This shoot was difficult to shoot due to the sheer number of models and lighting used within the underground carpark. I was also wearing heels - which is never a good mix - irrelevant and relevant at the same time..

-these were just a quick few shots we took while waiting for one of my models to arrive - the shadows and blue tones made her skin look grey unfortunately.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

ECG T-shirt Design Competition

I had a go at the ECG competition that is currently running via their facebook page - which was to design an A4 logo for the UK's representatives to wear during the finals in Paris. The deadline is technically one day away so I don't expect much but it made for good practise.

I did a couple of random sketches and ended up really liking this one - most likely for the novelty. Originally I hadn't really planned to include a moustache - but then it sort of appeared.
It felt appropriate as the hobby itself should be considered as a fun activity - it also showed the aspect of dressing up - male and female participation/crossplay and good old British roots ;]

I figured with the moustache this design seemed a little to cluttered on the left so I attempted a version without it which looked much cleaner. I also then adapted another version to include the moustache but sacrificed the yellow star icon from the main logo to reduce the amount of material in the bottom half of the image as a result. 

As there was no limit to submissions I ended up entering the last two designs.

Shooting Stars

Some sketches I did based around the La Luna clip previously posted this week
Done in the same basic style I've been doing the majority of sketches in lately.