Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Interview Links

Over the course of the Summer I've received two links to two interviews I did - one of which was originally started a good 2 years back - so while the informtation is slightly outdated - It was really nice to see it all complete. 

The first is my interview with NeoMag for their 100th issue - they are primarily a cosplay magazine but decided to interview me for a set of photos I produced for another cosplayer previously published in issue 99. We were sent the questions jointly so it was sort of a double interview - the photos used are an older variation of my photography work.

The second interview is the one that was carried over roughly just under a year through various emails, as previously mentioned the information inside is about 2 years behind but the majority of it is still fairly relevant.
I was picked out by the interviewer originally to represent a side of the UK cosplay - they also interviewed  individuals from various other counties such as the USA, Japan, France etc. 

Neither are illustration based - although the second one does touch on it - but hopefully one day I'll be good enough to warrant an interview based solely on that!

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