Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Doorways and Magic II

I tried merging some of my other photos within the previous shots, some were more successful than others. I found that to achieve the best result the location image ought to match the perspective of that of the hole it was being placed within.

I also found that having elements of the image coming out and merging with the outside/real life image made it even more effective/believable. 

I experimented with some illustration work as opposed to photography. I do not own the illustration work - I used them as examples to test how it looked.

Doorways & Magic

Doorways & Magic

I made a series of photos portraying magical entrances and passages using the everyday objects within my house. This set shows the objects closed/as they normally would appear. My next set will show the entrances revealed - a new scene/location edited into the passage way. I did a standard and a polaroid style shot for each object. 

Friday, 17 August 2012


Okayama Prefecture resident illustrator. 

Sakizo is a Japanese illustrator who works with watercolour and photoshop, her work has a tendency to revolve around fashion - taking inspiration from cakes, sweets, perfumes and tea brands. She dabbles in fanart and has created a vast range of artwork that circles the internet with a wide fanbase following. While in Paris this Summer I got the chance to visit her stall at JapanExpo - I picked up the 4 books she was selling at the event .

Afternoon Tea, Girl meets Sweets 2 and the female and male versions of Parfum de la fascination, below I have shown a range of images both scanned from the above books or salvaged from various websites/her own portfolio. It's probably painfully obvious already that her style is right up my street, the detail, style, themes and colours are gorgeous. She has mastered watercolour painting - creating subtle, effective colour pallets and has combined them with stunning backgrounds and boarders - her art books are treasures from front to back. 




Regretfully very little is known about the artist herself as her bio's are often very short and simple, she only knows small snippets of english and thus it can not be determined where she takes her inspiration or creative knowledge from other than the themes clearly portrayed behind each outfit. 





Her designs are that popular there is also a wide cosplay following her for designs - she also encourages this by holding shows at events and displaying images on her personal website. 

As an avid costume maker and fan of her works I'd really like to attempt creating one of her pieces also - my only issue now is picking the right one from all of them!