Monday, 26 September 2011


I can imagine you owls being developed to be as colurful and characterful as the work of Street artist Malarky. The way he plays with pattern and interconnecting shapes - could inform your characters. They also look very mischievious - perhaps as they are in random places but they also look like they are up to no good! I think secretly you are full of mischief!

Shona Heath

Saw this and thought of you! Shona Heath is a set designer for fashion magazines and advertising, I love this owl and the relationship with the model. Look at her other work, very imaginative and theatrical campaign for Mulberry.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

This cat amazing.

I've been trying to make a concious effort to update my Deviantart account over the Summer
I can't say it's been entirely successful but it's getting there!

I figured I'd dump a few of the digital works I've been producing in order 

All the above are fan works from Final Fantasy XI 
I then started creating fan art for The Legend of Zelda Series
as a new game is due to come out in the UK <3

I stuck to a 'postcard' format with these as I'm interested in releasing them as a set
when completed.

I used the half shaded version of the above sketch to create my ID
as shown at the top of the post =]

The final piece was done in a bookmark format,
 it didn't exactly work out the way I originally intended 
and ended up being more of an experimentation with various textures and effects.

Actually my all time favourite animation <3

Some fan art <3
I had a go at imitating the artists style using Flash