Thursday, 3 May 2012

Contacts with Industry

I sent an email to James Jean [] to request if he had the available time to answer 8 short questions but it would appear I was unsuccessful judging by the time scale.
The questions I was originally going to ask him are below:

1. Your work is so imaginative, do you work from photographs, life experiences or your imagination?

2. Do you work to brief / commission or is a lot of your work self-initiated?

3. What are the differences for you between commissioned and personal work? Do you create your personal work to get across a message or expression?
4. Your work is very detailed and intricate, how long do you usually take to finish a piece? Does this have impact on work that is commissioned?

5. Your work usually features uniquely dream-like landscapes - you have certainly created a world of your did you find it?

6. I adore your new branch of jewllery, prints and textile creations - out of curiousity - what does
the OMV stand for - if anything? Do you have plans to branch out further into other expressive forms such as media?

7. The majority of your work is made traditionally using acrylic, graphite and oil - but some contain digital elements - how did you successfully combine the two ways of working?

8. Do you have any advice for a budding illustrator, who would like to make a career out of making pictures one day? 

I've sent messages to a few other artists so hopefully I'll be more successful! 

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