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Contact with Industry | Hellobaby


Hellobaby is a very successful artist on - I became an art nouveau lover after becoming exposed to her work alongside other artists such as Alphonse Mucha. Hellobaby's work is always bursting with subtle time consuming detail and beauty that you find yourself required to study the image for several minutes at a time to allow full appreciation of her flawless skill. When I contacted her she was pleased to answer my questions so long as I asked nothing to personal, on her page she has a link to a huge FAQ document which I scanned beforehand to avoid asking anything she had previously answered - I found a lot of my original intended questions on it so I had to come up with even more abstract ones that wouldn't touch on her personal life. I have copied the questions from the FAQ that were relevant for me - and posted my actual questions and answers to her further below. 

How long have you been for drawing? And how many hours do you draw everyday?
-I drew when I was 3 or 4 years old but style which u see I draw now was 3-4 years ago. I try to spend at least 4 hours per day but actually there are always more than that (cause I want to improve more and more

Do you take any school of art? Do you think learning art during education (e.g. High School, College, Uni) is important?
-I learn myself. Example: you can see a lot of amazing artists from DA, I m sure you can learn a lot from them ^^. -I think it depends, school will help you learn basic but if you want to be better or improve, you need to work hard yourself.

Where do you get inspiration for your drawing & your character's costumes/background from? Do you use ref. or they are your own creation? Do you take it as a challenge to find new and unique ways to pattern your character's clothes?
-I image them myself cause I like challenge myself. Patterns were a result after practicing 4 years & I proud to say I didn't copy it. And background? Myself I think I m not good at background and still need to learn more more and more...I mean a lot.
-I don't like to use ref too (except sometimes I need to see ref for hard animals as tigers, lions and I see those photos from my sister...She has those), 
But sometimes when commissioners give me picture and said they want that, this, those, etc...I still try to keep the shape of clothes only and change it to my style (and thanks to all commissioners, they always let me free to do that. Aren't they awesome?)
-Yes, and I always try to create new patterns every time though not much people can see it cause my works are crazy =]

How long does it take you to draw one picture..?
- Sketch: usually few days (3-4 days) & colors (1-2 weeks and more if picture has more details)

Do you listen to anything while you draw, if so what kinds of things or music do you listen to and how does it affect your art?
-Honestly when I m drawing, I just like deaf. I pay all my effort for my drawing therefore music or non-music is fine for me =D. But sometimes for relaxing drawing, I do listen music like Yanni (omg, I love him), David Nueve, etc (they are pianist =].). I don't think music affect much to me. (But dont take it like I m not music person, I do love music so much)

Do you ever have artblock? If you have, how can you release from it?
-Lucky it never happens to me =]. But if you have artblock? Try to read novel or children books...I bet u will get tons ideas from them.

Do you prefer traditional or digital colors? Or a mix of everything? Which program you use?, and how you make it (the coloring and lineart there)?
-I love both but I m not good at CG and you can see in my works, a lot of backgrounds were added in photoshop (though they are just very simple tricks) then I will answer is: Mix them together. I use Photoshop CS2 and use them for some effect only (like add texture, bright/contrast, hue, etc). I don't use PS for coloring or lineart cause my PS skills suck.

The full FAQ can be found here: 

1. What would be your ideal work space?
Any place has enough light for me to draw and not to crowded cause I can't draw in front of people or where it's too noisy =].

2. Your style is beautifully decorative and unique - how did you find it? /dreams/through practise/inspirations etc?
It was a result of many years practising dear, no dreams or anything else help - if we don't keep practising. They may give you inspirations but most important is you <3. not some or anything else.

3.Do you have any future plans to expand your illustrations further into clothing/animation/accessories - other creative outlets?
I don't have any future plans of it yet since I am too busy with my life at the moment

4. If you had to pick 3 pieces of key advice for yourself and othes what would they be?
and Listening

5. Your style is very recognisable; do you believe it is important for an illustrator to have a strong style?
Yes, since so many and many great artists are here, finding your own style is a challenge. If you don't have your style yet, make it as your target. If you already have it, make it more complicated.

6. What are the differences for you between commissioned and personal work? Do you create your personal work to get across a message or expression?
-Actually not much difference since I enjoy to draw, doesn't matter if it's commission or not. Some commissioners are very nice to let my imagination flow from their creative characters/concepts. Beside that, that hard thing is sometimes my works don't turn out as how the commissioner would want, some I may redo, some I will refund.
-Yes my personal works show what my heart wants to speak out.

7.[and lastly!] Do you have any advice for a budding illustrator who wishes to make a career out of illustration?
Keep drawing, practising and trying, dreams will come true for those who work hard. 
Myself I never expected to earn from drawing but after a few years it's helping me to pay the bills. Isn't it cool? =]


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