Thursday, 26 April 2012

Photography | Cosplayers #1

London MCM October 2011

I love doing photography as a side hobby to my sewing and illustration - the various cosplay events that I attend across the year provides me with lots of unique and exciting costumes and environments to photograph - below is some from my London set back in October 2011.

Resident Evil 5 Set
Chris Redfield
Random Zombie [photoshopped]

 Beauty and the Beast Set

The Legend of Zelda | Twilight Princess + Others - Set

Princess Zelda
Twilight Princess Link
Adult + Young Link Ocarina of Time

MS Paint Adventures | Homestuck Set

Vriska God Tier
Kanaya Maryam


I find the photos fairly useful in terms of reference for poses and perspective, but majoritively I just enjoy photographing and editing the shots - it's become asort of a relaxing practise for me ;]

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