Friday, 14 December 2012

Portfolio Review #1 FaBi Books and Artworks

I  had an informal meeting with my tutors yesterday in regards to the progress of our portfolios, I took thier advice and made adjustments to the layout and overall look before sending it off for its first review.

I was fortunate to get Thomas and Christopher of FaBi Books and Artworks, whom I had previously interviewed earlier this summer, to look it over for me. Thomas's interview on my blog can be found here 

"We both thought it was great - don't think you need to change anything, Chris thought it had a great urban design feel, very current and that you showed great how create your designs in a way they can be used in a few ways - me, I just thought it was great.. loved the designs and loved the layout thought it had a great flow.. there wasn't a single piece I thought - meh - I loved each one.So unfortunately we where useless to you as we loved it - Chris's only thing he would change he said would be possibly re-sizing some of the pieces he felt some where a little lost to the white on the page and felt they could have been showed larger.. but I kinda liked that who exhibit feel the pictures framed on the white page gave so I think it is a personal choice..
Really fab Emi you should be very very proud of it - your work is fantastic If you need anything else just let us know and thanks for letting us have a peek at your work it was very awesome"

Taking their thoughts on the layout regarding white space I have been considering what feel I'd prefer to give the work. Advice from my tutors was to separate two images that showed the design for a T-shirt and tote bag alongside a set of photographs showing them in this format - this was picked up on during this review in the first line. Thus I think the amendments were successful by giving them space to exhibit. 

I also changed the format for some images giving it an overall portrait layout which I believe has helped in the 'flow' mentioned above in Thomas's comments. I am much happier with the layout and appearance of my portfolio - I'm currently working towards getting an A4 box to use for personal meets and talks, for which I may be able to include one of my printed T-shirts and some of my zine work. 

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