Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013 Calenders

For Christmas and New Year I decided to make a small calender to give out among some friends and family  sort of on a whim. I had been browsing Etsy for some gifts and came across a series of handmade calenders which initially inspired me. 


I was really fond of the A5 format and handmade feel. To create the content I picked 11 friends from my list and asked them a series of questions. [11 because I slipped one of my own in to cover all 12 months]
Favourite Animal
Favourite Colour
Favourite Fruit
Favourite Accessory

This enabled me to give the imagery a personal touch and create some interesting collections. 

The images were drawn using a pencil and outlined in fine liner and then scanned in. I also decided on the months for each image as unfortunately the people who I selected had similar birthday months and in other cases didn't distribute the colours well through out the calender. So I layed them out and decided on an order that worked best. 

I then added the base colours to the sketches and cleaned up the line art. 

Then the texture was added and the colours were fiddled with and brightened to create the best combination.

I then typed out the calender for each month and coloured the text to match the favourite colour of each individuals page. The pages were printed on 210gram card sliced and gathered with an orange ribbon. 

I've included a copy in my porfolio and since it's so simple to create now that it's finished - it would make a really good self promoting gift for any interviewing clients I have in the future. 

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