Thursday, 23 February 2012

High Above the Clouds [text]

Have you ever wondered where the rain and sunshine come from?
Who controls the weather, the wind, thunder and Summer?

You only have to look up
High above the highest clouds,
with blistering sun and thunder so loud,
This is the story of the Sun sprite and Storm King

Their diaries are packed
with circled dates and highlighted times,
overloaded with various weather signs,
His tidy and neat, hers wild, overflowing from desk to seat

Their differences are clear
The reserved Storm King cold and stern,
Errupting and pouring upon his turn
Interrupted by the Sun Sprites cheek,
spiralling within an unstoppable game of hide and seek

But one day
the Storm Kings patience finally cracked,
he spat and sizzled emphasizing the manners he lacked
While the Sun Sprite fumed,
"What good are you? So useless!" She loomed

I am a Goddess
My long golden rays produce light,
warmth and power - and much needed sight!
I rise early without rest, feeding and ever supplying - surely because I am the best!

How foolish!
For I am the Sky King,
under my command the waves crash and winds sing
I carry the rain in my cloud,
My voice projected through water and sound!

[in progress]

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