Thursday, 8 March 2012


Really late entry - but I realised I had never posted any of my Barcelona photos on this blog

Salvidor Dali inspired graffiti in the Gothic Quarter alongside the inside of the Picasso Museum

Through out the Gothic Quarter there were shoes hanging from the wires and clothes lines between the houses
I researched them and read that there were a small number of reasons why they were there.

. They are a form of shoefiti - an artistic method involving shoes
.There are drug dealers within the area
.They are the shoes belonging to the victim of a gang death.

Overall it was a really enjoyable trip, I really enjoyed visiting the Picasso Mueseum, it was a really unique experience seeing his pencil sketches and work upclose - although photography was restricted I was able to do some pencil sketches which I'll scan in and add to this post at some point.

I was also really pleased to find some of Alphonse Mucha's work within the Catalan Museum [shown above]. It was my first time seeing the real life pieces, photography was allowed for this section so again I'll try and update the post a bit later with the photos. 

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