Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Children's book illustration

We visited the special collections library today owned by Manchester Metropolitan University. The vast collection of books of all ages, styles and sizes was amazing and I really enjoyed browsing the shelves. 
I started looking into examples of children's book illustrations to gain some inspiration for my own book design after the visit. I'm aiming to enter the Macmillan book prize this year so I require my own story and illustrative book concept. 

I stumbled across Wouter Tulp's portfolio of children book illustrations. His pieces are full of life and animation despite their 2D appearance. He makes use of space and composition effectively. 

I also found some really vivid examples by Brooke Cummings, the images appear to glow in colour. She manipulates shading in a unique way and makes a cluttered scene draw your eye.

I found some work by a book illustrator called Czes Pachela, whose imagery is brightly textured and full of detail. 

I fell in love with the work by Stephanie Kunze. Her imagery has a gritty, noisy textured appeal about it while remaining colourful. She has a considerable amount of imagination as each piece is as weirdly wonderful as the last without going over the top. Her composition appears to be carefully planned out and integrated into the subject matter of each piece. 

Some other examples I found using the google image search are displayed below. 
I have saved them for various reasons, mostly focusing on composition, presentation of text, style and use of colour.

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