Thursday, 3 November 2011

Banner Research

We were asked to choose a topic within the News that we could design banners for in response to Ed Hill's work, I choose the European crisis in which China is offering to bail out using their vast amount of gold reserves.

However the price on such a claim would require the EU to remain silent on China's terrible human rights history and current proceedings. The papers are in protest in regards to this as are many others, China is nicknamed 'Fu Guo, Quoing Min'
Rich Country, Poor People.
To quote the article I'm basing the project round 'More than 200million of it's citizens are officially defined as living in poverty'.

During my research I found more protest imagery for the Olypmic Games back in 2008 that were held in Beijing. A majority of which were funded by Amnesty International. 

"It is quite appalling that the EU is happy to let millions of Chinese suffer because it has taken a lot of money from this dictatorial Communist regime.
"It shows the EU is no champion of human rights, and once again China is guilty of economic bullying of the most blatant kind. I find this stance unacceptable. Now is the time for Britain to take a 

I also looked into some other forms of human rights posters to get more inspiration.

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