Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tim Walker

Tim Walker is a London based fashion photographer. His photos are exciting and overly extravagant, engaging and unique creating an unmistakable style. The majority of his works have featured within Vogue for over a decade now. 
I became aware of him by a friend who is studying fashion photography in Stoke-on-Trent, she pointed me in his direction during a brief chat and I realized I had seen a fair few of his works before hand such as the advert he created for the Dior fragrance. 

He creates visually stunning pieces, rich with colour, detail and imagination. 
Each location and costume is more stunning than the one before it leaving you eager to see more examples. 
His works are able to retain the professionalism of the fashion context while being fun and fluid with emotion and ideas.

His work appeals to me because it is so enriched with fantasy like notions. His ideas are surreal, appealing and help inspire me, I love his use of colours, lighting and surrounding detail to emphasize the model and her clothing. His work is something I could never tire from admiring. 

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