Thursday, 28 February 2013


A mini update!
I'm not sure I posted or showed an example of this when I initially shared my business card designs - but there are two different images that when placed together create the full image =]
I've been advised to rework the text and colour so I'll be looking at modifying it very soon.

I've also been working on my final project - which is based around villains. I'll be attending a Gotham villains drawing session tomorrow so I'm hoping to take lots of inspiration from it.
The point of the project is to show the other side of the characters we love to hate, to show them in a more positive life - or behind the scenes.

I felt like drawing a pretty boarder piece today that I may or may not use at some point..

I've also just finished a crazy costume which I'll post up progress and information on soon! It was a lot of new things for me and has definitely fed my knowledge for several areas previously unexplored. 

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