Thursday, 3 May 2012

Olaf Hajek's Studio

Last year we travelled to Berlin for our residential visit - during which we were granted the opportunity to visit Olaf Hajek's studio. I had previously seen a few of this works but was by no means an expert beforehand. During the trip we were exposed to many forms of alternative and interesting artwork - Berlin is known as a city of art - the streets are covered in graffiti and monuments.

When we entered Olaf's studio - despite the dull tones of the weather outside - the interior was bright and welcoming. The room was scattered with half/completed canvases and sketches, pots of paintbrushes and various tools and bookcases crammed with books,references and paper. 

Olaf showed us some of the books he'd had published, his workspace. the way he recorded his pieces, from start to finish, initial sketches and routine. He answered some questions regarding digital work as he works very traditionally. Pointing out how difficult it was to make amendments to his work if a client requested it however he chose to continue in this manner. He shared the studio with another artist who was the complete opposite of Olaf in the sense that he preferred to work digitally and his work was majority made up on a computer with scanned elements. Regretfully I can't recall the artists name. 

I enjoyed the creative outlet that Olaf portrayed in his work, each painting contained vibrant shades and unique shapes and scenarios. He used a variety of different brushes - the majority home made to create the unique textures present in each painting and had a fondness of painting onto wood and unprimed surfaces. 

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