Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Contact with Industry | Trish Grantham

Trish Grantham

Trish Grantham is a successfully self taught painter from the Northwest. Her work captures the imagination of many through playful characters, effective backgrounds and bold strokes, she uses a variety of media's including acrylic paint and wood panels. The use of simple line and stylized characters appear animated and wholly original within a world of their own completely left open for interpretation. 

I'm really glad I was able to contact Trish as she was one of my earliest influences back during my college graphics course - I based a project on her works as suggested by my tutor at the time and found it really enjoyable. Her work is so imaginative and fun.

“The discovery of personal expression through art has been a huge force in my recent life,” 
Trish Grantham

Brooks Running - "Dream"
Commission work for the Beijing Olympics. 

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