Friday, 22 June 2012

Photography | Cosplayers #2

London MCM May 2012

A few shots from the shoots I did over the course of the expo in London during May - a full set can be found in the above link featured on my flickr. I have recently began to introduce new effects into my post processing such as a colour vignette to one side - this technique features in a couple of the shots below. It's still something I'm experimenting with. 


The seating was actually red in the original shots I changed the hue to better match the costume.



This costume took the most editing - such as skin touch ups with the body paint / removal of orange wrist band [an entrance requirement at the event which could not be removed till after the weekend was over] and to paint the underside of his cape feathers as the paint job had not reached that low in the original costume. 


I had to edit out hands for these two shots to achieve a more flexible appearance in the tail so it was no longer just a dead accessory dragging on the floor


I made a mistake with the above edit - which for me personally ruins the shot. Which is a real shame as otherwise I'd have really liked it XD;


This shoot was difficult to shoot due to the sheer number of models and lighting used within the underground carpark. I was also wearing heels - which is never a good mix - irrelevant and relevant at the same time..

-these were just a quick few shots we took while waiting for one of my models to arrive - the shadows and blue tones made her skin look grey unfortunately.

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